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Here another free course which is being offered by the Shaw Academy. It's a month long course so I'm not convinced with the 'diploma' tag. Either way it's free education, whether you want to put it on your CV is another thing.


Financial Trading is an area that has grown in both interest and relevance exponentially over the years. Modern technology and the advent of the internet means that people from all over the world now have access to financial markets in real time.

Private individuals, now more often than ever before, can trade their own funds rather than rely on others to do so. This is great news for a trader as often those third parties might have alternative, or perhaps, even conflicting interests. The Shaw Academy of Financial Trading represents the ideal starting point for the would-be trader or investor, illustrating clearly much of the critical knowledge. This Diploma takes students on a journey through the financial world all the way from ‘What are financial markets?’, right up to analysing current movement whilst finding opportunities. This Diploma is ideal for both the potential part-time trader as well as those considering a career in financial trading. Both groups of students may have been put off previously by hugely expensive, long drawn-out theoretical programmes, which would have seen them give up their evenings and weekends at great inconvenience.

749 day(s) left   |   Expires on 01/01/2020