EXPIRED Freebie | Uncharted 4 Expansion (Adds Co-Op Mode and More Multiplayer Maps)

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A nice 3.4GB expansion pack for Uncharted 4. Some details below:

New DLC Content 2 New Maps:

- Prison

- Train Wreck (Flashback map)

- 5 Flashback Weapons:

- M4 Assault Rifle

- PAK-80 Light Machine Gun

- Micro 9mm automatic pistol

- Para 9 pistol

- Desert 5 pistol (Heavy Weapon)

- Classic Uncharted 2 & 3 music added to in-game & menus

- 48 Character Skins

- 40 Vanity items

- 10 Taunts

- 25 new color options for every skin!

- 10 new levels (81 – 90 for competitive), with two new vanity unlocks

- 12 New Co-op Trophies

- New Challenges for new items & Survival challenges here

- You can now set your challenge preference to Multiplayer, Survival, or a mix of both

- Separate MP and SP executables, the game will now load you into the last section you were playing Economy 2.0!

- Permanent Price Reductions:

- Vanity DLC chest price reduced from 2000 to 300 Relics

- Premium Vanity DLC chest price reduced from 3000 to 1500 Relics

- Gameplay DLC chest price reduced from 3000 to 2500 Relics

- All Uncharted Point prices reduced to Summer Sale levels (25 – 40% off)

- VIP Bonus

- Purchasing any Uncharted Points pack now awards VIP status, which gives you a permanent 20% bonus to all Relics earned from challenges within Uncharted 4

- Anyone who previously purchased an Uncharted Points pack will also have VIP status

- Any Uncharted Points pack over 300UP now comes with a set of one-use Relic Boosters.

- Relic Boosters give you a 300% increase to the Relics earned from completing a Multiplayer match, plus a stacking shared bonus, which all players in the match receive

- The more players activate a booster in a match, the bigger the reward for everyone!

- Chests are now purchasable with Uncharted Points

- Chest prices are less than purchasing the items they drop individually

- All Multiplayer matches now award 15 Relics regardless of win or loss

Expired on 28/01/2017