How it works

Bargains24 is a community for sharing and discovering bargains. As a user, you participate in determining all site content by discovering, sharing, voting for, and discussing the latest deals, promotions and freebies. To ensure things run smoothly, here's how it works:

Getting started

To get started, register here to be able to post, vote and comment on deals. Once you have registered, you will be sent a confirmation email where you will confirm your subscription. 

How to add a deal:

Contributing to our site means more deals for our users to view and more bargains for everyone to take advantage of.

Before you post:

Please make sure the deal is not already listed by making use of the search function. Read through the posting guideline page before posting on Bargains24. 

To post a deal:

  1. Click on the "Post Bargain" tab 
  2. Enter a title in the format "Product Price | Store" eg,"Mellerware - Convection Cooker - 1300w Turbo Cook (17 Litre) R749 | Raru"
  3. Briefly describe your deal. Make sure you include all relevant details including any terms and conditions, how to redeem the deal and anything else of importance. 
  4. Fill in the remaining fields step by step, including store, category, whether you deal is a freebie, a link to the deal, any relevant coupon codes, expiry dates and images. 
  5. If you can't find the store, simply choose "store not listed" and we'll make sure it's there next time. 
  6. If there is no expiry date listed for your deal, simply leave this field blank. All deals automatically expire in 45 days.
  7. We love it when you include an image to accompany your deal but if you don't know how to do this or don't have one saved, leave this field blank and a screenshot of the deal's webpage will be automatically generated.


What happens next?

All new deals will appear under the "All Deals" tab. Once a deal has received 3 upvotes, it will be moved to the front page. This means only the best deals make it to the home page but you're still able to view and vote for new deals under the "All Deals" tab.

Conversely, if a deal gets marked as spam 5 times, it will be automatically unpublished. 


By voting, you participate in the collaborative bargain-hunting process and help to add value to Bargains24. If you like a deal, voting positive is a way to thank the contributor and encourage others to post similar bargains. Remember, 3 positive votes will make the deal viewable on the home page. Negative votes should be accompanied by a comment explaining why you voted negatively so that others can see what possible flaws are with the deal. Remember, negative votes should be used sparingly as they can discourage posters from submitting deals in the future. You have the option of not voting at all, so save your negative votes for those deals you really feel don't provide value or are misleading. 


Comments help to give insight into whether or not the deal really is a good one, allow suggestions to be made on how to get the most out of the deal and to provide possible setbacks that you may have experienced when trying to use the deal. They allow others to share their experiences and answer any questions you may have and can therefore provide extra assistance you may not have had if you'd just tried it yourself. As such, we ask that all comments keep in mind that this is a constructive space for people to share and discuss without negativity or trolling. Comments that receive 5 downvotes will be hidden, and comments with 10 downvotes will be removed altogether.  Any users found to be making inappropriate or abusive comments will be banned from the site. Simply click the "report" button and we will investigate promptly. 

Posting guidelines

As this is community forum, we rely on you to make sure that all deals adhere to our standards and provide genuine value to our users. Please read through these guidelines before posting and feel free to contact us should you have any questions. All deals are moderated by our admin but should you feel a deal/user is not conforming to these guidelines, please use the relevant buttons to report the issue, or get in touch with us at As our website is constantly evolving and growing, this document is subject to change.

Who can post a deal?

All registered users can post deals on the site. However, as this is a community-based, deal sharing website, we do not allow merchants or private individuals to post deals that they directly profit from. We pride ourselves on our transparency and user based deal democracy and anyone found to be posting with a vested interest will be banned from posting in the future.

What can I post?

All deals undergo a rigorous moderation process as well as being voted and commented on. To ensure all deals provide the best value to your fellow users, please use the checklist below to make sure your deal meets our guidelines.

Deal checklist:

Before posting, check the following:

  1. Has your deal been posted before? Use the search tab to avoid duplicates

  2. Does your deal have a clear title?

  3. Have you included a brief description?

  4. Have you included the merchant, product model, price and shipping details?

  5. Does it link directly to the site where it can be found?

  6. Have you checked the deal against competitors’ prices?

  7. Is there sufficient quantity? (>10)

  8. Is the deal available in South Africa?

  9. Have you included delivery charges or special terms and conditions?

  10. Is your deal currently active?

  11. Does your deal have an expiry date/limited stock and have you included this in the relevant fields?

  12. Is your deal specific? For example, “up to 90% off” is not specific. Choose a product that represents the deal and the value that it provides. So instead of posting “Takealot is having an up to 50% off sale”, choose a product from the sale that is going for a good price and then mention that there are other products available on sale too. Of course if there is a voucher code that provides 10% off all products, that is perfectly acceptable.

Banned content:

The following content is not allowed under any circumstances. Users posting banned content risk being banned from the site permanently.

  1. Adult content

  2. Charity links

  3. Affiliate links

  4. Competitions or private sales

  5. Price matched or In-store negotiated deals

  6. Offensive material/merchandise

  7. Gambling sites

  8. Illegal products

  9. Medicine

  10. Staff deals

  11. Deals that resemble work or a job

Acceptable behavior:

We expect our users to act with the best interests of other users in mind. Therefore we have put together this list of unacceptable behaviours for your reference. Please report any unacceptable behaviour to a moderator or admin.

  1. No fake users or business accounts permitted

  2. You may not artificially vote for a deal you posted

  3. No merchant posts or posts where the poster stands to gain from the deal are permitted. This is a bargain sharing site aimed at providing genuine deals and an unbiased voting system. Any users posting deals for their own gain will be banned from the site.

  4. All users must be treated with respect. Any comments using offensive language or “trolling” will be dealt with severely.

  5. Users posting deals with too many down votes or whose comments receive too many down votes on a regular basis will be reviewed by admin.