EXPIRED Spotify Premium ₱49 (~R13.73) for 3 Months (New Users), ₱129 (~R36.14) Per Month after, ₱199 (~R55.76) for Spotify Family | Spotify

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Here's a handy deal. It's possible to get Spotify Premium at a very discounted price compared to other countries (http://mts.io/projects/spotify-pricing/) by doing a couple of things using a VPN. Besides a Philippino playlist here and there, it's the full thing. You'll have to sign up to a VPN. I already have VyprVPN so I used that to get set up. Let me know if you know of a cheaper VPN. 1. Create a Philippine Spotify account having local residential address via a VPN : https://www.spotify.com/ph/ 2. For the payment method, create a new Paypal account with a PH address and link your card/bank details there there, again via VPN : https://www.paypal.com/ph/home 3. (Optional) If you're getting a family subscription, every account to be linked should be a PH Spotify account as well. Boom! Now you have Premium Spotify. You can ditch the VPN after you've signed up.

Expired on 25/12/2016