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Subscribe to and receive a (unique) R100 voucher code for purchases over R250.

Newsletter Sign-up Coupon T&C's:

1. Spree customers do not have the right to newsletter vouchers and cannot earn them.

2. The R100 Spree newsletter coupon is issued once - when the subscriber signs up to any of Spree's Newsletters (Ladies, Men or Kids & Babies) for the first time.

3. Signing up to a second or third Spree newsletter (Ladies, Men or Kids & Babies) with the same email address – does not qualify for another R100 newsletter coupon.

4. The R100 newsletter coupon can only be used once per Spree account holder, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Spree offer or promotional coupon.

5. The R100 Spree newsletter coupon can only be redeemed against basket sizes to the value of R250 or more.

6. The coupon is not valid against items in OUTLET or on sale.

7. The R100 coupon is valid for 30-days from the date of issue.

8. To claim your R100 coupon, visit and add items to the value of R250 or more to your cart. Enter the coupon code in the coupon code box at Checkout.

9. Returns of products to which the R100 coupon was applied will be refunded at the actual rand value paid for the product.

10. Newsletter coupons which have passed their expiry date will not be reinstated. This includes coupons that have been redeemed against items that are subsequently returned.

11. Signing up to the Spree newsletter multiple times, with multiple email addresses, in order to secure additional R100 newsletter coupons is abuse of the benefit and is tantamount to stealing. Perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly.

12. Basket size after the newsletter coupon has been applied must exceed R250 to qualify for free delivery.

13. Creation of multiple Spree accounts, with different email addresses, in order to utilize the coupon on multiple occasions, is abuse of the benefit and Spree reserves the right to not release these orders.

750 day(s) left   |   Expires on 01/01/2020