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This game goes for R750 at least normally so this is an absolute steal. The actual game is R209 plus R60 shipping for the first item with any additional items free. There are 27 left at the time of posting. 

Basic details: 

Can you get your team to say Brain Freeze? What if you can't say Ice Cream, Headache, Eating, Cold, or Fast? Not so easy now, is it?


In this game, the obvious clues are strictly taboo, so the trick is to give creative, carefully worded clues to get your team to guess words fast. But don't mention unmentionables or you'll get the buzzer and lose the point!


This new Taboo Game is raising eyebrows with over 1,000 fresh new words and a game-changer die. You'd better be shrewd, quick-thinking, and willing to take some risks-- but don't get shut down by the buzzer!


Taboo comes with 270 Taboo cards, a cardholder, card tray, buzzer, game-changer die, sand timer, and score pad. For 4 or more adult players. Requires 2x "AAA" batteries (not included). Ages 18 and up.

Expired on 08/01/2017