EXPIRED R252 Julia Donaldson 8 Book Bundle (& AA batteries to get free shipping) | Takealot

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This is a great price for Julia Donaldson books. The same book bundle is going for R612 at Exclusive Books. You'll want to throw in something small in to go over the R450 mark to get free shipping,...Read more
Expired on 04/05/2017

EXPIRED Freebie | Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection for free (Kindle Version) | Amazon

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Nice freebie for all the Sherlock Holmes fans out there. This was is a pre-order that is coming out 22 March. If you don't have a Kindle device you can download the app on Google Play store ( https...Read more
Expired on 03/05/2017

EXPIRED Google Cloud Platform Free Trial Valid for 12 Months (with Bonus $300 Credit) | Google

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Get a 12 month trial of the Google Cloud Platform with US$300 credit to spend. You will not be charged after the trial ends it seems. Google only asks for your credit card to verify that you are not...Read more
Expired on 03/05/2017

EXPIRED Freebie | Power Rangers Marathon - All 23 seasons being streamed for free on Twitch

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90's kids unite! This started several hours ago now but you'll still make it in time for 100's of hours of Power Rangers episodes. Click the 'Go To' button to go to the webpage. Details from the...Read more
Expired on 29/04/2017